DELA and women’s volleyball. At the heart of life.

Sparkle, congeniality and solidarity. DELA was keen to see these core values in their new image campaign. Using the DELA slogan,‘Voor Elkaar’, which is well-known in the Netherlands and means ‘made it!’, we linked the DELA brand to an Olympic team sport, the Dutch women’s volleyball team. Using this perfect and remarkable combination of sports dynamics on the one hand, and a funeral insurance and crematoria cooperative on the other, DELA was able to demonstrate that it really is at the heart of life. Their ambition was to ‘make it’, to achieve the best they could in the run up to the Olympic games in Beijing (2008). And 72% of Dutch people subsequently had a more positive view of the DELA brand.


Make sports count


is more positive about the DELA brand

People do not automatically associate the brand DELA with life, with ambitions, and with positivity. By sponsoring volleyball, however, DELA was able to link its brand with these associations.


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