Sven Kramer and Essent. Worth their weight in gold.

Skating and sponsoring; it’s a logical combination. Essent’s ambition, however, went a step further. How could they ensure that everyone benefitted? We opted for a campaign with Sven Kramer in the leading role. Svenergy! Logical. Svenergy stands for strength, congeniality, determination and endless talent. The idea being, the more gold Sven medals, the lower your energy bills. And what about that disastrous changeover? Well, unintentionally, it created a lot of exposure, which was great. Activations: ATL campaign including a TV commercial, printed advertisements, online banners, radio spots, billboard advertising, and database mailings.


Make sports count


registered Sven-fans


new contracts


'Svenergy deals'

Skating is a typically Dutch sport that is well-suited to Essent. Sven Kramer has that traditional Dutch image, and was Holland’s hope and pride for gold in Vancouver. We conducted a campaign that fitted in with that image and gave clients and skating fans the chance to share in Sven’s success.

— Stephan Trimbos, Marketing Manager at Essent

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