Extra energy for Missie H2

Mission H2 is an association of companies that aims to position the Netherlands as a hydrogen country and draw attention to the sustainable potential of hydrogen.

Today it was announced that Toyota is to join Mission H2 and that the agreement between Mission H2 and TeamNL will be extended by at least one year, until Tokyo 2021. It’s a great sign in these uncertain times, also towards Mission H2 ambassadors such as Marit Bouwmeester, Ferry Weertman and Kiran Badloe.

Together with TeamNL, these strong brands have chosen to turn the Netherlands into a hydrogen country. We regard that as a huge compliment. What’s more, the chain-like thinking of these seven companies complements the nature of the sport perfectly: working together to achieve a top performance.

— Mascha van Werven, Manager Partnerships NOC*NSF

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