Heel Helmond Sport

The prospect of a new stadium was what inspired Helmond Sport to start up a campaign aimed at helping local people to become more focussed on sports and a healthy lifestyle, all under the Dutch title ‘Heel Helmond Sport’, which means ‘everyone is Helmond is playing sport’ .

Together with several strong founding partners, Helmond Sport is doing its bit for the good of society by asking itself how it might benefit the city and its residents. Here are just a few of the results so far: Over the next few years the players’ shirts will feature the campaign slogan, every player will be contractually obliged to make some kind of social contribution on a weekly basis, the business club has begun an initiative called Heel Helmond Support (support for all of Helmond), and a healthy ‘Heel Helmond Sport’ drink is being developed. All this is being done with the intention of making the Helmond region more focussed on sports and a healthy lifestyle.

What makes Heel Helmond Sport so special is that the power of sport has helped create a synergy between a wide range of people and organisations. Creating impact together provides incredible energy and motivation.

— Leon Vlemmings, General Director, Helmond Sport

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