European Golden Effie for 6-minute zone

Saving thousands of lives every year. The Heart Foundation has achieved that goal with their 6-minute zone campaign, and for that they were awarded a Golden European Effie in Brussels.

The Effie in the Best of Europe/Positive Change category is a unique highlight in Triple Double's existence.

In the Netherlands, an average of 17,000 people a year suffer cardiac arrest outside the hospital. The first six minutes after a cardiac arrest are crucial. With a well-functioning CPR call system with enough volunteers and AEDs, CPR can be started throughout the Netherlands. Triple Double has helped the Heart Foundation connect as many as 245,000 citizen rescuers and 24,500 AEDs in seven years, a growth of 377% (citizen rescuers) and 306% (AEDs) respectively. And still these numbers continue to grow. As a result, the 6-minute zone in the Netherlands has full coverage and lives are being saved.

The 6-minute zone is unique in the world. We are proud to be able to use our knowledge and creativity to actually save lives."

— Guido Klomp, Triple Double

A campaign with the power of sport
The campaign to create this 6-minute zone is the continuation of the partnership between the Heart Foundation, Feyenoord and Opel, which included the 'the heartbeat of the legion' campaign to save lives. It also worked closely with Philips and PSV, among others. The campaigns were created in part through collaboration with BijlPR.

Dutch recognition
The Heart Foundation's campaign was previously awarded a Silver and a Golden Effie in the Netherlands, a 2017 Dutch PR Award and an international Sabre Award for the Legion's Heartbeat component.

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