KLM takes important step in running

For the next three years, KLM is to be title sponsor of the Urban Trail Series. With this new partnership, KLM is expanding its activities in the world of running. Triple Double helped KLM develop an overall running strategy and realise their partnership with the Urban Trail Series.

KLM Urban Trail Series
The KLM Urban Trail Series, organised by Golazo, is a running concept comprising thirteen runs a year through various cities in the Netherlands. During the Urban Trails, participants discover cities and their hidden attractions in a unique and sports-related fashion. It is not the speed, but the experience that counts.
KLM believes that running is the best way to discover the world. You can go a long way by plane, but running takes you further, to places that planes can’t reach. With a pair of trainers in your suitcase, the possibilities are endless. That’s why we developed a strategy in which running is the best way to discover the world.

By sponsoring the Urban Trail Series, KLM has taken an important step in the field of running. Running is hugely popular among our clients and the Urban Trail Series fits in perfectly with what we want to promote, which is discovering the world together through sport.

— Harm Kreulen, Director of KLM Nederland

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