Eindhoven. Our city. City of dreamers, thinkers, daredevils and doers. Made by those who made the city, with Anton and Frits Philips as ‘the founding fathers’ of the city as we know it, of the technology, the machines, the light and, of course, PSV. Of the many opportunities and wonderful possibilities, with unprecedented highlights as the result.

From that past, we are making the future, here, today, with technology that goes further than we could ever have imagined. With knowledge, design and intelligence at the heart of the smartest region in the world, but always with our feet on the ground and our sleeves rolled up, because Eindhoven makes Eindhoven. And Eindhoven makes an impact all over the world.

This mentality is evident in the new PSV shirt by PUMA. The mentality of no-nonsense hard work, working together, and seeing, taking and realizing opportunities, but also that of resourcefulness, creativity and the art of imagination and design. All of which create originality and authenticity. You see, we support our ideas wholeheartedly.

We are Eindhoven. And we make the city what it is, together with PSV, PUMA, TDE, Fresku, fans, and all the other makers with whom we are creating the future here. By sharing this vibe, we are helping to create the energy needed to keep going, and to really mean something for others. After all, unity means power; for today, and for tomorrow.

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