Mission H2. Six companies join forces for TeamNL

The first whistle has yet to blow and the first dual yet to be fought, but the 2020 Olympic Games are already something special. The Olympic Games in Tokyo will be the first ever ‘Hydrogen Games’.

In the run-up to the games, six Dutch companies have joined forces under the name of ‘Mission H2’ to promote hydrogen through a partnership with TeamNL. Triple Double has helped shape the proposition and develop the campaign.

It is the first time that TeamNL has entered into this kind of partnership. The six Dutch companies, Gasunie, Shell Nederland, Remeha, Stedin Groep, Port of Amsterdam and Groningen Seaports are not individual partners of TeamNL. They are partners of Mission N2 (named after the hydrogen molecule H2), which in turn is a partnership with TeamNL.

‘Usually, one company becomes a partner of another company or project. So how wonderful that not a company, but a great theme like hydrogen has become a partner of TeamNL’, says Pieter Kuijpers on behalf of Triple Double. ‘This is not about branding the companies, but rather about their collective mission.’ Triple Double is proud that it has been able to contribute towards this exceptional partnership.

A partnership and campaign leading up to the Olympics is something very special for a sports marketing agency.

— Pieter Kuijpers, Management Team Triple Double

The six Dutch companies regard it as a unique opportunity to demonstrate the Netherlands’ expertise in hydrogen technology. They hope to increase awareness and trust among the Dutch population with regard to the potential of hydrogen. Mission H2 therefore fits in perfectly with Japan’s decision to use hydrogen as the energy source for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It has also been an exceptional journey for Triple Double. During the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang , the sports marketing agency met with Michiel Bal from Dutch energy network operator Gasunie, and in no time the conversation had turned to hydrogen and TeamNL. Led by Gasunie, the relevant parties were brought together and discussions got underway.

Kuijpers: It’s fantastic that a coalition of six great companies has now entered into a partnership with TeamNL for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, not only for the mission of these companies, but also for Dutch sport in general; it has once again been able to welcome an excellent partner in the run-up to a major sporting event.

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