Opel & Motorsport: unlocking potential

Opel and motorsport go back a long way together. In 2015, this high-speed combination with an illustrious past made a comeback by way of a collaboration between Timo van der Marel and the ADAM R2. It was also the starting shot for Triple Double to begin a new race, a race consisting of various campaigns for auto sport, but also for people outside this target group.

For example, 120 fabulous prizes were up for grabs during the GIVE AWAY DAYS, Timo van der Marel’s excellent results were keenly anticipated, a young car mechanic won his ultimate dream internship at the Monte Carlo Rally, and Opel ambassadors Ali B and Art Rooijakkers were put up to some hilarious challenges while racing in an Opel ADAM R2.

In order to stand out even more in the diverse world of rallying, we looked into what really interests fans of motorsport. Despite the sport’s ‘rough and tumble’ image, the fans turned out to be enthusiastic about design; cars had to be fast, but they had to look good too. This finding resulted in some really exceptional car wraps.

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