Is Feyenoord in your DNA? The Great Feyenoord DNA Study.

Why do fans love their football club? Supporters often struggle to explain why, typical answers being ‘It’s part of who I am’, and ‘I was born that way’. With the Great Feyenoord DNA Study, Opel is giving supporters the opportunity to understand their love for Feyenoord. Feyenoord is the first football club in the world to carry out a DNA study among its own supporters. And this European Sponsorship Association Award-winning activation is also the kick-off for Opel’s new fanbase strategy.




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€ 1.000.000

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Together, we have seen – or perhaps discovered – how our objectives of creativity, PR and fan data can go hand in hand. Data is no longer a flat concept.d

— Aimée Simon – van de Wijngaart, Sponsoring Coordinator, Opel Nederland

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