Team LIGA. In the spotlights.

It’s an old Dutch tradition for mothers to give their children LiGA biscuits, and LiGA was looking for a way to get those mothers to enjoy a LiGA biscuit themselves. Triple Double launched a 360-degree approach, complete, creative and effective, with LiGA as the founder of the first women’s speed skating team in the world: Team LiGA. The result was that Team LiGA ended up in the spotlights, appearing in popular Dutch television programmes such as RTL Boulevard and SBS Shownieuws. They featured stories about the real women behind these sports personalities. We also launched the TV commercial ‘A day in the life of Team LiGA.’ Furthermore, the female skating heroes gave clinics and workplace promotions, they got new Team LiGA unitards, and there was a team presentation during the Libelle Zomerweek, a festival organised by a popular Dutch women’s magazine. The skaters were affectionately nicknamed the LiGA Ladies, and the Team LiGA case was awarded a SponsorRing in the category ‘sport’.



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